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Welcome to Throw Me A Bone! If your pets could talk,  they would no doubt let you know  a petsitter is their preferred choice for care while you are away. In the security of their own home, your pets will be kept on their important daily routine of eating, playing and sleeping in their own bed.

At home, your pets are not exposed to bordatella or other communicable infections.  Pet separation anxiety is greatly diminished also due to the familiar environment they stay in. 

When you arrive home to San Antonio from holidays, your happy, healthy pet is waiting for you.

With one of Throw Me A Bone's pet sitters, You don't have to impose on friends and family. 

Throw Me A Bone Petsitting and Dogwalking Services is a proud member of Pet Sitters International and the ASPCA.
This little lady is Sadie.  She is always cute in her dresses, and patient enough to let her kids put them on.
Sammy is a Jack Russell with ADHD, and a hunter's nature.  He's a handful for sure!  He's also super sweet though!  He can't imagine sleeping anywhere but in mama's bed.
Toby is Jessica's eldest, special boy.  He's actually the model for the Throw Me a Bone Mascot!  Toby thinks he's the boss of the house.  He loves to go on long walks and then to sleep!!   The ladies LOVE him . . . and he LOVES to EAT!
This is a face only a mother could love!  It's a good thing his mother's Jessica.  Harley is a playful Boston Terrier with a big heart.  Watch out though - if he gets a chance, just like lightning - He will BOLT!!
Millie always likes to be greeted with a belly rub.  She means so much to her mommy that when the vet said she needed exercise, Throw Me a Bone was called. She absolutely loves her neighborhood walks!!!
Lulu is a beautiful chocolate lab with far more energy than her large stature lets on.  She wants to go faster and farther on every walk!
Bel is such a sweet kitty.  She's very loving, affectionate and tolerant of people picking her up.
This is Casey!!  He gets so happy to go for his walks, we can barely get his leash on, but then off we go . . . to keep an eye out for deer, cats and other dogs of course.  We end all of our walks with a hug and a treat!

We like to show off our friends, so you will notice pictures of our friends and clients posted throughout this site.  If you click on a picture, it will open a small slide show with the attached pictures and captions for each photo.
Pet Owner Necessities

Prior to calling a pet sitter, you, the pet owner must have a few things ready before we can do business.  See the list below to make sure the necessary requirements have been met.

  • Proof of updated immunizations

  • Definitive departure  and return times if you are leaving town

  • An available key to access your dwelling

  • Security procedures in the case of alarm failure

  • An emergency contact number where someone WILL be available in the event you can't be reached.

  • Payment in advance is required.

Throw Me A Bone works directly with many San Antonio veterinarians and groomers, so we are able to offer you references and alternatives for your added convenience.

In addition to the general pet sitting services offered, many complementary services are available.  These services are for your added convenience and more importantly, for your security.

Many people find that pet sitters provide an invaluable service for their beloved pets since all of our services are provided in the home.  

Our service alleviates stress on your pets since they are staying in the comfort of their own home.  It also gives you, the pet owner, peace of mind, knowing that both your pet(s) and home are being looked after while you are away.
Petunia was a very sweet girl who loved to chase the water hose and be loved on. She did pass away this last year. She will be missed very much. Our hearts go out to her family.
Quickly lives with his sister, Petunia.  The favorite part of their exercise program is "chase the running waterhose".  Exercise and cool down combined.
Scout is a Britanny and a country boy.  He lives on a ranch and just loves to chase the four wheelers down the dirt roads.
Bootsie is a cute little girl who just wants to be loved on.  As pretty as she is, it's no wonder she gets all the lovin' she needs.
Mickey is such a sweet boy!!  He's always been the patient one of a 5 dog pac! He's so lucky to have a big family. Look at that face!
Oliver is a Great Pyranese who happens to be a great dog too!  He is one of the biggest dogs with the biggest heart I have ever been fortunate enough to know.
Toi was a  loner Siamese who has since passed away.  He was a beloved member of the family for many years.   No matter how many treats he was given, he was stll a hunter who would show up with a surprise once in awhile.  He is missed badly.
This is Toby again.  This time he's with Joshua, Jessica's nephew.  It looks like Toby smells another dog on him.  Toby bumps you hard with his nose when he smells a stranger.  It seems funny to Joshua.
Scruffy's a really sweet boy!  He doesn't like to leave his room much, but with a little extra love, he will join us outside for a little playtime before returning to his favorite spot on the bed.
Scooter is a canine vacuum cleaner.  You'd better watch him, because he scoots around the house and picks up whatever he can find!
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San Antonio in home pet care companies are led by the best . . . Throw Me A Bone Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services.
Throw Me A Bone Pet Sitting will pick your pet up for grooming appoinments in san antonio.
Throw Me A Bone Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service is licensed, insured and bonded through PSI.
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 M Hanson - Google

Wonderful Team - Adrienne is an absolutely wonderful sitter and she is so good with my two boys (Xander and DC). I love the updates she gives me, and it brings me a great deal of comfort knowing that they are taken care of. I have never had such a professional service as Throw Me a Bone come out and take care of my pets. Thank you all!!!
Jack ♥ers - Yahoo!

Jessica is not only an awesome dogsitter, but neighbor & friend as well. She has lots of love & pride for her work & my dogs just love her. She takes the time to play with them individually & walk them if needed & you can tell she loves what she does ..... very genuine. 5 STARS for her!!!!
Annette on Google 

Peace of mind - I moved to San Antonio for a new job from out of state. My hours at work were long and my poor dog was stuck in my apartment for long periods of time. Then the behavior problems started and I realized I needed help. After interviewing several pet sitters, I found that Jessica and Throw Me a Bone was exactly what I needed. My schedule was crazy and Jessica worked with me. Only after 1 week of Throw me a Bone walking my dog during the day, the bahaviors problems stopped! Not to mention I had an emergency and she was right there to help me with my dog on very short notice!! I highly reccommend this service for the busy professional with a crazy work schedule!
 figsky2811 - Google

Throw Me A Bone pet sitting is wonderful. Jessica and team are very professional and caring. We have use TMAB for pet sitting twice now and without fail our sitter Wayne calls and gives us updates on our 4 kids every day we are away. TMAB custom tailors each visit to our dogs needs and it helps a great deal to us to know that our kids get their daily walks and have human interactions instead of being left alone for more than 8-hours. My husband & I felt at ease leaving our 4 kids on their care. Besides dog-sitting, TMAB also offers other services like watering plants and ensuring our home look like someone is at home for security reasons. We highly recommend TMAB.
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Pet Services: Click for details

  • Free Initial Pet Consultation
  • Single or Multiple Daily Visits
  • Pill Administration
  • Insulin Injections
  • Blood Glucose Testing
  • Walk-a-Dog/Jog-a-Dog
  • Pet Errands
  • Pet Taxi
  • P.U.P (pick up poop)
  • Overnight Pet Sitting 

Additional Free Services:

  • Veterinarian Referrals
  • Pet Groomer Referrals
  • Plant Watering
  • Mail Pick Up
  • Take out Trash
  • Dissuasion of Burglary
  • Apartment referrals
Throw Me A Bone
Pet Sitting &  Dog Walking 
Justin - Yelp

We moved to San Antonio a little over three years ago and found TMAB after our first (and only) unpleasant vet boarding experience for our pup. We are so happy to use TMAB whenever we go out of town because we know our dog is comfortable in her own home and receiving excellent care.

The Facebook photos (and now videos!) are always fun to pull up and get a daily dose of your pup. We've recommended TMAB to some of the biggest dog-lovers we know and are devoted customers!
Samantha - Yelp

I have been a loyal customer of TMAB since I moved to San Antonio in 2009. They are by far one of the most professional and caring pet sitting companies I have ever worked with. The sitters contact me every day when they arrive to let my dogs out and send pictures of my very happy puppies. I also greatly appreciate their flexibility with scheduling. I have (several times) contacted the owner on a Sunday to schedule a potty break the very next day and she replies "yes" with no hesitation. I know that TMAB sitters are well-trained and I have no doubts during the day that my pups are well taken care of. Thank you so much for your services!
Member - Angie's List

Jessica and her team are simply the best. My dog Macie had spinal surgery and they took so much time with us to find out her needs. They always text me to let me know she is ok when I’m gone and send me pictures of her. She has special needs because of her injury and I wouldn’t choose anyone else to watch her. They are great!
Cindi - Google​

Throw Me a Bone is the best pet sitter I have found in San Antonio. I did a lot of research before entrusting my babies in to the hands of a sitter and I adore Jessica and her team. The pups are happy and spoiled when we go out of town and there are frequent updates, pictures and videos to let you see your babies. I would not trust my four Chihuahuas to anyone else.

Not to mention, being new in town, when I locked myself out, my sitter Allison did not hesitate to come out and let me in! Great service! We will be building a new house but plan to stay in the TMAB service area so our pups stay spoiled and loved!