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Pet Cage Cleaning in San Antonio

Leaving Cages & Yards Clean & Fresh

Do you need someone to come to your home and professionally clean up after your pet? Your caged pet deserves a clean home, but your busy schedule may not allow for regular cleanings. Dog owners with yards have the convenience of leaving their pet outside, but even yard cleanup can often go forgotten. If you would like help with cleaning your pet’s cage or picking up poop, Throw Me A Bone can be there! Our P.U.P. (pick up poop) and cage cleaning services are convenient and affordably priced.

Don’t hesitate to call us for pet waste removal needs in San Antonio. Dial (210) 722-3487.

What to Expect From Our Cleaning Services

On the days we’re scheduled for cage cleaning or P.U.P., our trained pet care professionals will show up at your home fully prepared.

If you’ve requested P.U.P. services, we’ll thoroughly scan your yard to ensure that is left completely clean. All poop is scooped and properly disposed of away from your property.

Our cage cleaning services offer the same attention to detail as our P.U.P. services. We can clean cages for birds, rodents, reptiles, and all other caged animals. Our team members will fully remove all of the soiled material and make up the cage to your pet’s liking.

This includes:

  • Adding fresh cage lining/bedding
  • Refilling water dishes
  • Removing spilled food
  • Cleaning up the area around the cage
  • Removing waste

Make an Appointment for Pet Cage Cleaning & Waste Removal

There are many reasons why our customers schedule P.U.P. and cage cleaning services in San Antonio. Whether your schedule keeps you busy or you have a landlord complaining about seeing poop in the yard, we can help. At Throw Me A Bone, we are extremely thorough and offer both one-time services and weekly scheduled visits.

You can trust that when we leave your home, your pet’s cage or your yard will be completely clean. Call us today at (210) 722-3487.

Pets Are Our Business

We Believe They Deserve The Best
  • Bonded & Insured

    We take the precaution to make sure you and your pet feel safe and secure in our care.

  • Free Initial Consultation

    This gives all parties the opportunity to see if we are the best fit for you and your pet.

  • Medication Administration

    We offer medication management for your pets, that includes administering insulin if necessary.

  • Experienced Care

    Our pet sitters are carefully chosen & train to ensure you are receiving the best of care.