She's the baby of the group of three, though you can't tell from her size! She's a tad bit smaller than Malachi but her puppy-like demeanor will quickly let you know she's the youngest! She has neverending energy and is competely unaware of how big she is.Malachi - He absolutely loves  to show you around his backyard, like he's showing you his domain! He literally wants you to walk right behind him while he walks
around the entire backyard! He also always watches over Simon! His extreme size makes him seem intimidating, but he's really a sweet boy.Simon's the smallest of the bunch but he can sure hold his own! Kasey often likes to test him by jumping all over him and nipping him in the butt,but Simon always comes out on top! They have a blast playing together and will wrestle each other for hours in the backyard if you let them! This is Mindy. She loves to hangout with her family, and share her dogdoor with the two family cats. She also adores her neighborhood walks.Frito lives with his counterparts, Roxanne and Cowboy.  "Frito is very dominant" according to LeAnn, their sitter, but "Their personalities all work together perfectly!"  "Roxanne is very playful and loving."  She lives with her buddies Frito and Cowboy.  According to her petsitter, "All three of them are adorable together."Their petsitter says, "Cowboy is the shyest out of all 3 but has the cutest bark I've ever heard!  The cutest thing I've ever seen was when I walked into the room and they were sitting in a circle giving eachother kisses in a clockwise motion!"Although she lives with Bailey and Tess, Abbey seems to bond particularly will with Bailey.  You see, Abbey is blind, so she uses the strong, heavy footsteps of Bailey as a guide when she's walking.Bailey is a sweet dog.  She lives with Tess and her close friend, Abbey.  While Abbey is blind, Bailey is deaf.  So the two of them act to compensate for one another's disabilities.  Bailey definitely keeps an eye on her Abbey though, to make sure she's okay.Tess is such a sweet girl!  Between her, Abbey and Bailey, she wants all the attention.  She is the most affectionate out of this bunch. She loves all the attention to be on her and gets jealous when you're loving on the others instead of her! She is never mean to the others though.Chief is a little on the grumpy side.  He just wants to be left alone for the most part.  We love him, but give him his space.
Throw Me A Bone Pet Sitting is San Antonio's choice for the best pet care while you are away!
Some Details About Our Pet Services

Throw Me A Bone San Antonio is a licensed and insured pet sitter for our safety and yours.  All of our agents have passed a background check and are bonded.

Free Initial Consultation

Single or Multiple Daily Visits

  • Our pet service consultant will assist you personally to tailor a visitation schedule to work best for your pet's needs, your personal preferences and your budget.  You can have as little as one visit per day up to 4 visits per day. Each visit will last approximately 45 minutes, in which time our pet-friendly agent will feed, water, play with and perform other pet related duties to your specifications.


  • If your dog has been prescribed additional exercise by your veterinarian, or you have a breed that needs to use up a lot of energy throughout the day to keep them from destroying your home, we'll be happy to send a dog walker directly to you.  It's amazing how well behaved dogs are who have daily walks.
Pet Errands

  • If you are running low on your pet's food, favorite treats, meds or supplies.  We'll gladly do the shopping for you.

Pet Taxi

  • When you don't have the time to take your pet(s) to much needed grooming appointments, vet visits or anywhere else you need your pet transported, we are available to take them for you.

P.U.P (pick up poop)

  • This is self-explanatory.  People who have multiple dogs in the same yard can immediately relate.  We'll combine this service with your usual services to make sure you have a clean yard for an upcoming social gathering or for maintenance purposes.

Cage Cleaning

  • If you don't have the time to clean the cage of your reptile, bird or small mammal, we can do this for you. All we ask is that you have the replacement supplies on hand.

Overnight Services

  • You may need somone to stay overnight with an ailing pet, or to comfort an animal that has anxiety issues.  Look no further.  We can accomodate you and your beloved pet.  This will take some warning as our agents will have to schedule time away from their families to perform this particular service.

Additional Free Services:

  • Veterinarian and Groomer Referrals
  • Plant Watering
  • Mail Pick Up
  • Take out Trash
  • Dissuasion of Burglary by leaving different lights on and making the house look "lived in" while you are away.
Here is Toby, Throw Me A Bone's mascot again.  Julianna loves him so much!  She wants to be with him all the time and can't help but touch him.  Toby takes it in stride though.  He knows she's a petsitter in training.Sgt. MajorThis is Harley.Here's CharlesTomWinston is a shy, yet very sweet boy. Once he warms up to you he is more then happy to join you on a walk!Little Miss Trixie. She is a ball of energy. She loves to run and play. Give you tons of kisses, and of course get some treats. The cutest thing is right after she gets groomed, she looks like a little princess with her hair bows! Topper is a great dog. He loves to get in the pool on hot days especially after a long walk. He loves to chase tennis balls  around the yard and is very playful and lovable. He also loves swimming for tennis balls in the pool with Drover.  Drover is such a fun dog. Her hyper personality makes it an interesting time with her. When she's not helping her brother chase balls, she is fighting for attention. Also a big fan of the pool and treats! She makes her presence known, loves playing outside, and doesn't mind getting muddy!Simba is such a wonderful dog. She loves belly rubs and treats and although she is a little too old to go for walks, she is always waiting for her brothers and sisters when we return. She loves to get in the pool on a warm day and lay in the shade after she's cooled off. Very sweet and lovable!Rowdy is a lot of fun and loves attention. He loves to soak in the sun on a warm day but isn't a big fan  of getting in the pool. He loves walks and makes sure to smell everything and mark his territory. He is very loving and likes to sit with you while his ears are scratched.
I'm sure you've noticed mostly dog pictures posted on our walls.  Don't let that fool you!  We love our kitties, birdies, exotic and not so-exotic mammals, as well as all the other various creatures we look after.
Wrigley, a white cockatoo,  wants to be recognized when you enter the room.  He likes to call out, "How are you?"This pretty bird is Romo.
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PetSitting done right! You can always count on Jessica and her staff to accommodate all your needs. Walking, running, feeding, cleaning, unconditional love-- you name it TMAB does it! This service allows for a worry free vacation -- your pets are in the best hands in San Antonio!!
Denise - Google

Pet Sitting with Love And Yet AGAIN ... Throw Me a Bone Pet Sitting saves the day!! Put your pets in their hands. Everything will always be PERFECT! :)
Dawn - Google

A Great Help We are a family of 6 -- 4 dogs and 2 humans; needless to say the dogs rule the roost when we are here and need a lot of attention when we are out. Since we both work, help is needed and Throw Me a Bone was a God send: TMAB by and through Jessica and Alyssa are a tremendous help. In particular we appreciate their flexible attitude when it comes to dealing with sudden changes in plans, schedules or adjusting to health concerns for our individual pets. We trust them completely!
Denis - Google

Best around! When we moved to San Antonio, we didn't know what to expect for dog walking services. Throw me a bone set all our fears to rest! They're flexible, are great with our dogs, and the prices are really competitive!
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My dog's love this service! My dog's love this service! On behalf of my dogs, I have to say Throw Me a Bone is a wonderful company! My dogs get so excited to see their favorite dogsitter, LeAnn. Jessica, the owner, is an impressive businesswoman who takes great care of her human and canine customers. I'd recommend this company to anyone who loves to see their pets happy and in good hands!
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Great help with my 2 dogs! I inherited 2 dogs from my roommate and Throw Me a Bone has been a real god-send for dropping by the house and looking in on them when I am away. Kudos to Jessica for her personally and her staff.
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